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L'elica DUC FLASHBLACK è la più innovativa elica a passo variabile che riesce ad ottimizare le prestazioni in tutte le fasi del volo.

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€ 6.940,00 tasse incl.

Scheda tecnica

Peso elica bipala 5.900 kg
Peso elica tripala 7.500 kg
Diametro Standard 1520 mm / 1900 mm


This one is composed of carbon / titanium blades and carbon / aluminum hub which are manufactured according the DUC Propellers Company technologies.
Then, the FLASHBLACK propeller is the lighter variable pitch propeller never designed.
The aerodynamic form of blades resumes the innovative design of FLASH propeller range, specific about its twisting axis and center of pressure.

These propellers allow for high efficiency throughout the flight envelope i.e.:

  • Improved takeoff and climb rate due to higher engine speed, then higher engine efficiency
  • Many cruise extension
  • A high user comfort

Equipped with screws in grade 5 titanium, its technology and manufacturing level and requirement degree never have been until this advancement.
Its system of carbon hub for variable pitch propeller permits a wide range of angle variation, but keeps safety thanks to the mechanical safety stop.

The angle pitch is managed manually or automatically with constant speed box. Also, a visual indicator of the pitch is provided with the propeller.
The power of the variable pitch system is hydraulic and the control can be hydraulic or electric.
The FLASHBLACK propeller is available in following configurations:

  • Tractor for Rotax engine with hollow shaft (Rotax 912/912S/912iS/914)
  • Two-blade or Three-blade
  • Weight BASE version: 5.69kg in Two-blade & 6.94 in Threeblade
  • Range of adjustable angle (Max amplitude.: 23°)
  • Diameters Ø1520 to Ø1900mm (Ø60” to Ø75”)
  • Shielded leading edge in Inconel®
  • Carbon/aluminum composite hub for variable pitch propeller (Mounting propeller shaft spacing Ø101.6mm)

4 propellers version are proposed to control the pitch with different commands:


Two-blade/Three-blade FLASHBLACK propeller included visual pitch indicator & Hydraulic control wheel

BASE + Hydraulic control lever replace the hydraulic wheel

BASE + Hydraulic pump & Switch replace the hydraulic wheel

BASE + Hydraulic pump & Constant Speed box replace the hydraulic wheel

The leading edge of the FLASH blades is equipped with a metallic shielding in Inconel® BLACK. This material is a superalloy containing mainly nickel, with a very high hardness of surface.


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L'elica DUC FLASHBLACK è la più innovativa elica a passo variabile che riesce ad ottimizare le prestazioni in tutte le fasi del volo.

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